We have everything you need to host your parties, dinner event, conference etc. Below is a list of services and prices for this faciity. Please call us at (868) 650-5200 for more information or to make a booking.

Auditorium rental (per day): $1,150.00
Conference room rental (per day: $375.00
Conference room and auditorium (per day): $1,500.00
Auditorium and poolside (per day): $1,500.00
(Includes all furnishings)

Swimming Classes: Adults-TT$30.00; Child-TT$25.00 per session
Recreational swim session: TT$30.00 per hour.

Audio Visual Equipment
P.A. System: $142.86
Additional microphone: $18.57
Multi Media Projector: $114.29
Pointer: $28.57

Inhouse Items
Projector Screen: $42.86
Flip Chart: $18.57
Podium: Complimentary